Settling the entire production chain in the Kingdom, establishing a factory for medical mask filters

A group of investors in the health sector in the Kingdom announced the establishment of a factory in Riyadh with an investment of 100 million to produce «Melt Blown» filters which is the main component in medical masks of all kinds.

Metric Amount
Filteration up to 99 %
Daily Mask Production up to 31 Million
Total Yearly Production 8600 tonnes

The filters will be manufactured based on the values of the production of PP 514M12, which SABIC recently started producing. To become the first country in the Middle East to nationalize the entire supply chain to produce medical masks, and to achieve the health security of its citizens, especially in times of crisis and pandemics. In line with the intensive efforts of the state in all sectors in response to the emergency conditions because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dr. Abdullah Attia Al-Kanani, CEO of MeltBlown, pointed out that

the commercial production of the plant will begin in three months

explaining that the production of the plant will be directed to the local market to cover its full needs and the surplus will be exported to many markets in the region.

Dr. Al-Kanani expressed his thanks and appreciation to «SABIC» for its support in the national industry, and this project, by supporting the necessary tests to prduce medical filters from locally manufactured materials, within the framework of the national vision of the company aimed at nationalizing the production of medical masks in the Kingdom, with international specifications.